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lol, you find one pic with obvious color saturation and use it as evidence, yeah ok.







queen tiye


Sooo.. Yeah.

Let me also mention this: Literally not all Black people have dark skin. So before you start rolling out your pictures of light skinned Ancient Egyptians in hieroglyphs, please.

You do realize, anon, that there’s literal simiarities between Ancient Egyptian garbs and garbs of African ethnicities today?

Linguistic unity with Southern and Western African languages?

Not to mention there’s been a method invented for determining the level of melanin in the skin of human beings??

"Diop conducted the melanin test on Egyptian mummies at the Museum of Man in Paris, and determined the levels found in the dermis and epidermis of a small sample would classify all ancient Egyptians as “unquestionably among the Black races.”

You do realize that Egypt is in Africa.

You do realize this, right? I know crackers aren’t the best with things like that.

Also, you DO realize that there have been invasions by other peoples that have altered the modern day appearance of the Egyptian populace, so using the “BUT WHY AREN’T THEY BLACK TODAY” argument is more than slightly irrelevant.

I know, mayo, I know. You are adamant that in order to accomplish something, be praised and revered throughout history, a population has to be white.

That only white people are worth remembering for their achievements and historical amazements.

I get it.

You’re upset it’s not about you.

Damn look at all these notes